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Updated: Jun 20

As a full-time clinician and performance professional in an outpatient, sports-based hospital setting, I have been fortunate to see a large variety of athletes walk through my clinic doors. From rehabbing clients with small strains or pulls to helping clients navigate the marathon that is rehab after a major surgery, my mind has always gravitated toward the need for seamless transition from rehab to return to prior level of performance. Furthermore, I believe that my duty is to not treat the client, but MANAGE them as a whole.

What does "management" of an athlete look like? Accessibility and communication are the two most valuable tools we have as coaches and clinicians. Whether coordinating with skill-specific coaches or managing total weekly workload, our job extends beyond the walls of the clinic or gym. I firmly believe these athletes deserve nothing less than that level of dedication.

This "management, not treatment" ideal is the philosophy from which Fortify Performance was born. All too often, team-sport athletes receive basic, cookie-cutter programs that greatly underserve the needs of the athlete at the individual level. Whiteboard designs aim to utilize the "throw anything against the wall to see what sticks" process due to a lack of knowledge, time, creativity, or combination of the three. Fortify Performance does not accept this practice. Simple subjective assessments combined with video analysis provide more the information necessary to efficiently and effectively create programs that meet the individual needs of the collective team.

By utilizing numbers derived from the MyJumpLab app, an app that shows high reliability and validity in key metrics when compared to force plate metrics for the countermovement jump (CMJ), we can properly bucket athletes to streamline the individualization process to both enhance an athlete's "superpower" while simultaneously addressing key deficiencies.

Finally, Fortify Performance employs a simple and effective variation of the "High/Low" training model that aims to optimize nervous system and tissue recovery not only during the competitive season, but the entire year as a whole. By consolidating training and skill work stressors, Fortify Performance places athlete health as the penultimate goal. Health serves as the foundation for these programs because talent means nothing if injury keeps it from competition.

We are excited to embark on this journey with you. The goal has been and always will be to help build robust teams and programs from the "weakest link" to the strongest one. It is our firm belief that this translates to sustained success year in and year out. Fortify Performance assures you that you will receive nothing short of our best effort to provide comprehensive performance management that keeps you on the field and performing your best.


Fortify Performance Founder/Creator

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